3000 Elephant roams in Web3

which aims to create a link between web2 and web3 for creators through NFT, a link between authors and users, and an empowering relationship through copyright dispersal to individuals,creating an NFT ecological alliance where different nft empower and develop each other and the community governs together.

Step 1 /
  • 1.Minting online
  • 2.PPuls labs established
  • 3.Collaboration and signing of quality creators
  • 4.Establishment of Dao Foundation
Step 2 /
  • 1.Dao Community Expansion
  • 2.Plus Token Issuance
  • 3.NFT Holder Dividend
Step 3 /
  • 1.3D version released
  • 2.Store function online
  • 3.Copyright signing for NFT holders
Step 4 /
  • 1.New IP business model
  • DAO upgrades meta-universe space
Ximan cultDAO-Gu Founder
Loky Creative Officer
Molu Business Mangager
Wynter Community Mangager
Random Advisor
Kevin Marketing Expert
Zoing PR
1.What does Crypto Toys Club do?

Helping musicians, comic book artists, film makers to launch their own NFTs and profit from them in the form of rights and fan DAO.

2.What will Crypto Toys Club DAO do?

To provide financial support for musicians, comic artists and film makers to shoot music videos, record music and produce their work.

3.What is the relationship between Crypto toys club NFT and Plath DAO?

Just like BAYC and Yugalabs

4.What are the benefits or advantages of holding Crypto toys club NFT?

CTC DAO governance;
All major IP NFT airdrops;
Blue chip NFT Whitelist;
CTC image commercial rights.

5. I have IP and celebrity resources, I am a creator, how can I work with CTC?

Contact us through our official Twitter
Contact us on the Discord community channel Discord:

6.What's the next step?

A lot is planned, insights into the future era of programmable smart contracts and decentralized business culture, to keep track of all this join us on Discord;
Ambrose Chow, Golden Bell Award-winning producer, representative work " Gatao"
Shen Beike, Comic artist, representative work "Soul of the Nation
Gonegoose, Contracted designer for Paris House
Xuan Yuan, Senior Agent

Zhou Shuan Golden Bell Award Producer Representative Work "Jiaotou"
Shenbeike Cartoonist's representative work "National Soul"
Gonegoose Balenciaga signed designer
Xuanyuan Senior broker